What is Indiawell

Indiawell is a platform that connects patients and doctors in the comfort of their mobiles. It helps to appoint doctors easily and make instant consultation in the digital medium, which avoids the unnecessary waiting hassles for both the patients and doctors.

Save your time

Getting an appointment & check-up from top-rated doctors is a time-consuming task for everyone nowadays. Indiawell helps you to have easy consultation without crowd filled troubles.

24x7 Availability

Medical emergencies are always not a time-bounded one. Indiawell helps you to have your instant medical consultation at any time with a single click. Our trusted doctors are available all the time here to help you out.

Doctors' network

Here you can find many doctors covering various medical specialties. Indiawell’s doctor network is readily available to provide you the right treatment at the right time.


Our core aim is to enable everyone to get their healthcare needs instantly from reputed doctors. In the present busy trends & increasing people, reaching the hospital and consulting turned out into a very hard thing for normal people. Indiawell simplifies this task and helps to connect the right doctor with the patients virtually. You can get clarified easily and get a digital prescription from the doctor at the end of the consultation.


Why Use Indiawell

This is a digital healthcare system developed by doctors for patient's welfare.


Easy and simple registration

Users just need to enter their basic details to create their account in a few taps. The simple to use interface lets any kind of people to easily register and contact doctors on their convenience based on medical needs.


Instant appointments with specialist doctors

With the entered details on a profile and type of healthcare need, Indiawell provides you a list of doctors on various specialties. Patients can easily select trusted and top-rated doctors to consult and solve their issues.


Connect with the doctors via Video conference

It’s not going to be a normal phone call on Indiawell app. Have a face to face connection with your trusted doctor and clearly express your health issues and miscellaneous needs. This feature gives you a real-time experience with the doctors in your home comfort.


Get your digital medicine prescription

After having your detailed health care consultation, you don’t need to note down the medicine names that you have to purchase. Instant digital prescription is readily available from the doctors. You can download the prescription just by a single click on the app.

About Us

We, at Indiawell, believed a strong way to solve a common problem among the people to get healthcare needs. That is, enabling medical consultation with doctors, whenever and wherever there is a need. Dr. P. Siveshvaren - Pediatrician along with the fellow doctors Dr. P. V. Ramesh - Emergency physician, Dr. R. Harish - Orthopedician , Dr. A. Shyam sundar - Radiologist , Dr. P. Santhosh - Neurologist, Dr. R. Deepika - Dermatologist, Dr. V.K. Sudarssanam - Paediatrician, Dr. S. Bharath juluganti - MD General medicine, Dr. P. R. Vishanth - Diabetologist created this Indiawell platform, with a mission to connect the doctors and patients affordably through video consultation & also to connect top hospitals via our platform to the general public. Through our platform, we bring retail medicines at wholesale price to your doorstep. Indiawell owes to deliver the best possible tele - consultation at your convenience.

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